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Who starts his or her sales career at SUXXEED already has skills and attributes to be successful in B2B sales. But what is next? Read here about how we support talents.

Career in sales: How can I further my development at SUXXEED?

When we ask our applicants or employees what they expect from us or what they wish for, we often get these questions: what is on-the-job training like, what and how will they learn at our company, what possibilities for advanced training do we offer them or how can their career develop at our firm. We are therefore happy to provide a first impression of our talent management or personnel development.



Talent management at SUXXEED: Our method mix

Blended learning model

The talent management of SUXXEED supports you in your daily tasks closely oriented on practice. As part of a “blended learning” model, we accompany you on your personal development road with a tried and proven method mix.

It will give you in-person training in our SUXXEED Sales Academy and SUXXEED Leadership Academy, personal coaching in daily work by accomplished trainers and coaches, and access to our digital learning world.

blended learning model

online learning


Training in
small groups





On-boarding: we are there for you from the start

Your manager, experienced colleagues and co-workers from personnel development help you get started in your sales team in the best way.

Intense on-the-job training

When you start a new job with us, you probably have many questions at first. We do not leave you alone with them. We understand “on-boarding” to mean an intense and well-founded on-the-job training for our new employees. This support is just as important to us as it is to you. Because with good support, you will become confident with your new work tasks. We therefore go each step together with you.

Individual support

From day one, you will always have people at your side, who will offer help exactly where you need it. Your personal development plan is the basis of your on-the-job training. The contents are carefully developed sales and case trainings and close support in your daily tasks.

I got great support when I started out! This way, I was able to achieve initial successful sales and realised that I have come to the right place here.

Deniz Tekin
Management Trainee
SUXXEED Employee Deniz Tekin

The SUXXEED Sales Academy: This is where you will learn B2B sales

As one of the leading German service providers in B2B sales, we are working for leading companies and also need leading employees for this. We provide their initial and advanced training ourselves at our SUXXEED Sales Academy. Because we know: we achieve excellent results for our customers only with the best employees.

Overview Sales Academy two year programme

Sales Excellence Programme

That is to say, we rely on a solid theoretical and practical training for our sales employees right from the start. You will participate in our holistic SUXXEED Sales Excellence Programme for this purpose, which is a sales training that is unique in this form on the German market and which we are proud of.

This is how we get you up to speed in sales

Regardless if you are starting out your career, changing careers or if you are an experienced sales professional: we take you along from where you are at. You will be surprised how vast the choice of communicated tools and sales techniques is and how quickly you can use them in your daily business.

I was able to significantly expand my present skills through the communicated knowledge at the Sales Academy
Kevin Neumann
Sales Manager

Side-by-side coaching: This is how you will improve your sales techniques

In addition to the training at the SUXXEED Sales Academy, you will also receive personal support from experienced sales coaches in the daily sales business. Your coach will beat your side in common practical situations. By means of extensive feedback and tips and tricks about the sales meeting, you will soon gain confidence in leading the meetings and handling your customers.

This is how you will become even more successful. And it is known that success is fun!

The SUXXEED Leadership Academy: This how you will grow into leadership tasks

With our SUXXEED Leadership Academy, we will develop you into a leader in sales or advance your training in this function: As a trainee, you will acquire a solid basic structure of knowledge and skills of a successful manager. As an employee with managerial responsibility, we will also support you specifically and develop your skills further.

Focus points f the development path:

  • Leadership
  • Skills
  • Persality development
  • Tools

More than 15 leadership training sessions form the basis for your development into a leading manager. In addition, we will also support our managers if requested with the help of an external coach for personality development. The basis for our actions is the SUXXEED leadership mission statement.

Overview table leadership programme

The SUXXEED Leadership Academy not only offers me sound background knowledge. I also get to meet colleagues at other locations in the process.

Danyal Cremerius
Management Trainee
SUXXEED Employee Danyal Cremerius

You would like to get further information about our programme in leadership?

Talent management

"Here I can learn the necessary methods to be able to give the best together with my team. I am particularly enthusiastic about the great cohesion."

Vanessa Holzmann
Team leader

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