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SUXXEED offers many opportunities – also for professionals changing careers – to get a start in sales, get training in this field or advance existing training. Read here about all opportunities, what experience you should already have for each of them, and what is waiting for you on your career path.

Jobs in sales: What are the entry possibilities SUXXEED has to offer to me?

The good news first: We are looking for employees with a variety of experiences. Whether you are starting out at our firm, go through our trainee programme or want to work as a working student in parallel to your studies and get some first practical experience; whether you wish to start in your professional career with us after your training or studies or if you want to employ your professional experiences so far profitable with us, change professions or join sales as a career changer: we are looking forward to hearing from you!



SUXXEED sales trainee programme

Close to practice, demanding and future-oriented

The trainee programme at SUXXEED offers you first-class, qualified occupational training. From trainee to sales expert or from trainee to manager, you will be fit for a professional career or a management career in B2B sales within 24 months.

Managerial trainee programme

Find out more about the programme

Managerial trainee programme in B2B sales

We will get you in shape within 24 months to take on management responsibility in inside sales actively promoting sales.

By means of excellent sales training, personality forming measures and one-on-one coaching, you will be prepared for your future role as a manager at our Leadership Academy. You will be able to gather initial experience in interesting special projects and successively take on management responsibility.

The aim of our two-year training programme is that you will assume a management position at our company in the near term.


The career of Garvin Beer

Garvin Beer was the first trainee at SUXXEED. He started at the company in 2005 and is now the Branch Office Vice Director and member of the Management Board.



Sales expert trainee programme

Find out more about the programme

Sales expert trainee programme in B2B sales

We will develop you into a sales expert in inside sales within 24 months.

With a trainee program specifically for sales, you will learn selling in a practical environment and become an expert in the field of complex sales models. Learn from day one take responsibility and work actively as account manager with sales responsibility in our distribution partnerships.

The objective of our two-year training is the assumption of a responsible sales activity, for example, as Key Account Manager.


"After a brief familiarisation phase, I could take on operative responsibility early on as Inside Sales Account Manager. I managed to network quickly with colleagues and managers of other departments. As part of the trainee programme, I changed the distribution partnership after one year and had the chance to get to know new business fields. My development is continuously accompanied by our SUXXEED Sales Academy and SUXXEED Leadership Academy. This prepares me for future challenges."

Dominik Walde
Trainee, Sales Specialist

SUXXEED Managing Director Volker Panier

We have developed demanding trainee programmes because we consistently rely on our own young management talents.

Volker Panier
Managing Director

Gather practical experience in sales as a working student

If you want to get to know a modern and successful company from the inside, gather initial practical sales experience and make money at the same time, a job as a working student at SUXXEED is made for you.

info-i-suxxeed-goldThis way you can add substance to your résumé! Because practical experience is worth more at most companies than purely theoretical knowledge. Furthermore, this can be a good entry to your further career with us.

What are the prerequisites?

You are a student and besides strong communication skills, you also enjoy having contact with customers.

What does SUXXEED have to offer for me?

  • A maximum of flexibility
    You have the possibility to adjust your working times to your studies. It is entirely up to you on which working days and at what times you work between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  • One-on-one sales training
    We are proud of our internal SUXXEED Sales Academy. You will be ready for any sales talk, you will pass through our basic training as sales specialist. In addition, we will appoint a mentor for you in the course of our comprehensive on-the-job training.
  • Exciting responsibilities
    You will be part of the team from day one. As a working student, you will not only complete preparatory tasks but gather first professional experience in sales.
As a working student at SUXXEED, I am a fully-fledged member of the team. I especially appreciate the complete flexibility. This way, studies, spare time and work can be balanced in the ideal way.
Isabel Rothkirch
Working student

Young professional: Start in B2B sales as a young professional

You would like to put your learned knowledge into practice, gather professional experience in contacts with business customers and lay the ground stone for a successful career? Then you are a perfect fit for us with as a career starter or young professional.

What educational background do I need to have?

Whether you have completed vocational training, completed university degree, advanced training or if you are changing careers – you will find the matching job options at SUXXEED for starting your career in sales. What is decisive is not your sales experience but your enthusiasm for communicative work and the courage to start something new.

What is my sales activity like?

You will attend to well-known business customers and take responsibility for customer relationships at one of our many distribution partner offices. The range of tasks covers everything in inside sales that is actively promoting sales, from generating leads by phone and acquiring new customers to the management and development of existing customers.

How do I get ready for sales?

We will train you at our SUXXEED Sales Academy to become a sales pro. Demanding trainings in sales and for personality development will provide the basis in sales. Our managers and trainers will not leave you on your own but support you actively in the familiarisation phase.




Before I came to SUXXEED, I had little to do with sales. I had a mentor at my side right from the start. This is how my initial insecurities were taken from me quickly.
Florian Knoll

Starting in sales with professional experience

Are you curious and on a search for something new? SUXXEED offers possibilities in business customer management in B2B sales for advanced training, variety and human interaction!

What experience should I already have?

You have already worked successfully in sales and are ready for the next step in inside or outside sales? At SUXXEED, you will take on challenging and thrilling responsibilities with your well-founded know-how.

Which sales tasks can I expect?

Whether as a Senior Account Manager in inside sales or as a successful outside sales representative – you will tap new market potentials for our clients or expand the existing customer relationships with your strength of presentation.

Which added value does SUXXEED have to offer for me?

As sales partner of absolute top companies, we offer the possibility to apply your sales competence at various clients – and notably, without having to change employers.

But experienced trainers and coaches of our SUXXEED Sales Academy will improve your success as a sales specialist decisively. And you can also attain advanced training from us in the direction of a management career (link to Leadership Academy).

As a student at university or school, you can complete a sales training programme.

You have graduated from school and are ready for your professional future? Or perhaps university studies were too theoretical for you and you would like to start occupational training instead? You would like to contribute your own ideas from the very start already and are looking for an apprenticeship that is viable for the future and guarantees with guaranteed takeover into employment? Start your occupational training at SUXXEED!

As part of your dual training at our corporate headquarters in Nuremberg, we offer a practical training concept to you where you will pass through all departments, e.g. sales, marketing, IT, HR, and accounting. Besides the professional qualifications, we will teach you communicative and interpersonal skills.

We are currently offering training in the following jobs:
  • Management Assistant for IT Systems (m/f/t)
  • Specialised IT Expert for System Integration (m/f/t)
  • Specialised IT Expert for Application Development (m/f/t)


After your 3-year apprenticeship, you will be taken over into a fitting operational department depending on your training concentration.

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