Acquiring New Customers



Every B2B sales organisation knows this problem: New customers must be acquired continuously so that your client base does not shrink. To identify potential new customers and then convert them into new customers effectively, you need more than just sales staff with the so-called “hunter gene.” A good data base, strategy and persistence are in demand.

New customer acquisition

Strategy matters!

Sales representatives not have an easy job when it comes to generating good new customers for the long term. We show here how you can master this challenge and what you should pay attention to in the process.

New customer acquisition

Lead management

Warm up before the game!

To identify potential new customers, qualifying them correctly and lastly converting them into promising leads, clear processes are needed. We give you tips, and provide you with methods and analyses from practice here.

Lead management

Quotation management

Convert the match point!

There can be different reasons for low conversion rates. Find out here how you define your goals clearly, make offers to the “right customers” and follow-up successfully on offers.

Quotation management

Acquiring new customers is important! But there is also potential still slumbering in your existing customers!

Develop your existing customers further and generate more sales. How? Read up here!

Developing existing customers