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Read here what SUXXEED does, what talents we are looking for and how we envision working together.

My job in sales: What can I expect at SUXXEED?

Sales are our passion; this has made us one of the leading sales service providers in Germany. If you also enjoy selling and want to work for well-known customers and grow together with us, you have a lot of possibilities available at our company – whether you are starting out your career or are a fully-fledged pro.

Company profile: Why go to SUXXEED?

You would like to receive information about SUXXEED as an employer before you apply for our job openings in sales? That is a good thing. There is a lot to discover at our company: Founded in 2003 in Nuremberg, we are today among the leading sales service providers in Germany with more than 300 employees. And we keep growing continuously.

We are as successful as we are because we not only select our employees carefully but because we train them and advance their training far beyond the usual measure! We leave no one to their own devices and are at everyone’s side for their challenges. Every day.

What does “sales service provider in B2B” mean?

Sales service provider means that we add to the sales teams of our customers in outsourcing and take on clearly defined sales tasks for them with our own employees and responsibility for sales. As a distribution partner of leading national and international companies, we support our customers in the sale of their products and notably exclusively for business customers (B2B).

Our motto is “We leave nothing unsold. Every day!” With this, we pursue a clear goal: making our customers even more successful. We conquer new markets, manage existing customers, acquire new customers and raise sales for the long term. Success is reflected in partnerships with our clients of many years. Every employee manages his or her own fixed customer base for this.

Sales representative by passion: What profiles are we looking for?

Sales are our passion. People who have a “sales gene,” as we call it, suit us. Meaning people, who have fun selling and who are enjoy their success together with their colleagues.

Besides the sales gene, strong communication skills and a mix of certain character traits, abilities and talents are important that we will identify in a personal interview with our candidates.

We will not leave you alone after your on-boarding. Feeling at ease in sales starts on your first workday at our customer. You will pass through our SUXXEED talent management programme besides a structured on-the-job training.

SUXXEED in numbers



We are always happy to welcome new great colleagues to our team!

Our core business: Inside sales in the B2B segment

We understand “inside sales” to mean an actively selling office staff. It has the same job description as the outside sales force. It manages its own customers and bears the full responsibility for sales. The only difference from an outside sales representative: inside sales “visits” its customers by phone and these are usually smaller customers. All customers of our clients are business customers. This means, we exclusively work in the “business to business” segment (B2B).

Example: account management

In account management, you manage your own existing customers. By means of a customer management actively promoting sales, e.g. with cross and upselling, you will earn additional sales revenues under your own responsibility. Sales in process are transacted via the phone by the actively selling office staff, the inside sales department.

Example: sales management

As a sales manager in inside sales, you will acquire new customers in the name of our clients or support outside sales in the new customer acquisition in tandem sales. For this purpose, you approach potential customers in a targeted manner. A professional requirement analysis and your enthusiasm for the product enable you to place matching offers or schedule fruitful appointments for your colleagues in outside sales. This way, you will achieve sustainable and successful sales growth for our clients in partnerships of many years.

Who are the typical clients of SUXXEED?

Our clients are typically large corporations or larger mid-sized companies with well-known brands and who have a very large number of customers. We usually attend to the multitude of smaller customer, who cannot be managed profitably by the client on its own. Here are some examples:

I can further my sales know-how at SUXXEED through the work for leading companies of various industries without changing employers
Michael Soentgen
Sales Strategy Manager


Our SUXXEED locations




Our values & culture: What does us make us?

It is important to create a working culture in which everyone can develop freely and get the most out of yourself. Our employees have taken it into their own hands and developed the most important guidelines for our actions.

Five values characterise our daily interaction and express our general principles and convictions: dedication for the customer, respect for each individual, reliability, innovative power and team work.

Unsere Werte im Detail

From day one, I perceived a whole-hearted welcoming culture. In addition to my new professional challenge, I also met great colleagues with whom I even like to spend my spare time.
Maximilian Herring
Account Manager

Your benefits at SUXXEED

It is important to us that you feel good at SUXXEED. This is reason enough to keep a number of benefits ready for you.


Sales academy with top trainers




Coaching and


Sports and fitness offers


Corporate shopping benefits


Employee events
and parties


Allowance for the job ticket


company parking spaces   


28 to 30 days of holiday leave


work hours


fresh fruit
each week


Contribution to pension plans

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