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As one of the leading sales service providers in Germany, we can help you improve your B2B sales to be even more successful. No matter where you are today: We will show you how to generate more sales and continue to grow. However, one thing is clear: you don't want to let just anybody loose on your customers if you are looking for support in business customer sales. Therefore, get to know us: First here and then in person.

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in Nürnberg

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Salespeople out of passion

Generating proper sales is difficult. We experience this every day. However, it is the challenge that motivates us. This is exactly where our passion comes from. Because if it were easy, anyone could do it.


The obstacles are lurking at every stage of the sales process:

  • How can I identify the right target customers?
  • How do I write quotations that sell?
  • How do I attend to my customer segments profitably and at the same time customer-oriented?
  • How can I effectively manage my outside sales force?
  • How will I increase sales to my B2B customers?
  • How to win back lost customers?

We will overcome these obstacles with you!

We will help you to avoid mistakes and achieve your sales goals. Our specialists will analyse your sales process and support you at those steps your team is struggling to take alone. We are passionate about our work and will not give up until we have achieved real breakthroughs together with you.

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are working with us.

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51 million euros

new customer sales is our current turnover.

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250 million euros

existing customer revenue
managed by our sales team.

What we do differently for you…

Often only isolated solutions are offered for a sales problem. If you are looking for help with cold calling, for example, you will find numerous conventional call centers. However, you will not know whether such measures are in fact the most suitable for achieving your sales goal.

Instead of isolated solutions, we take a holistic approach.

Holistic means: First we analyse your sales process step by step and point out where and how you can improve. You can then implement this yourself or work together with us and our corresponding sales service.

Through outsourcing, we supplement your sales capacities where they are lacking, take over certain of your tasks or maintain unexplored segments in our own sales responsibility. We guarantee you highly qualified employees using the right sales system and a target-oriented approach, who will be selling for you with heart and mind every day. This is how long-term distribution partnerships grow.

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Developing existing customers

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Acquiring new customers

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Sales outsourcing

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What our customers have to say about SUXXEED

Vodafone has been working with SUXXEED for over 7 years. Both parties particularly appreciate the cooperative partnership, the ability to succeed together and to actively promote business development.

The high level of quality has led us to significantly expand our cooperation with SUXXEED.
Head of Inside Sales

SUXXEED Company management

We are extremely selective when it comes to welcoming new people to our team. After all, the right mix of the best employees makes the difference, especially in B2B sales.

Volker Panier
Managing Director SUXXEED


Volker Panier has a profound understanding of people. This is what contributes to his familiar interaction with customers as well as our motivated team. As co-shareholder and managing director, the business graduate and qualified expert has been in charge of the personnel development, recruiting and training departments since 2007. He brings his considerable expertise in the establishment of service organisations and in the area of customer care to the team.

Our sales employees: A class of their own

At the SUXXEED Sales Academy and the SUXXEED Leadership Academy, our employees undergo an exceptional sales training programme that is unique in Germany: We turn sales-oriented career changers into sales professionals and experienced sales professionals into qualified experts. In addition, management skills are improved and sales expertise is further deepened.

Meaning for our customers: The best professionals the market has to offer are at the starting line for you. Without you having to invest time and money into recruiting and personnel development.

Talent management

For our employees, it means they receive a well-founded sales training unlike any other in Germany. Therefore, they are well prepared for all challenges in B2B sales.

My start at SUXXEED

The SUXXEED corporate culture

We are proud of the values we have developed together. They are an expression of our employees' fundamental principles and beliefs with which we approach our work every day.

Icon dedication to the customer

Dedication to the customer

Passionate, target-oriented, together

  • Our mutual trust is the basis for lasting partnerships and long-term business success.
  • We are hungry for success, welcome new challenges and demonstrate willingness to change.
  • With diligence and passion, we daily act in the interest of our customers and proactively develop growth potential.
Icon appreciation for the individual

Appreciation for the individual

Open, diverse, respectful

  • Our company is growing in its diversity and is characterized through individuality and mutual tolerance.
  • We appreciate the value of an open and respectful communication culture.
  • The personal growth and development of each individual is our main focus and is promoted through mutual engagenemt.
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Strong, successful, vibrant

  • We work in strong, dynamic teams - for and with the customer.
  • Our accomplishments are based on the commitment of each individual in his or her team. This contribution is honored and fairly evaluated.
  • Consciousness of responsibility and willingness to help beyond the organizational boundaries are our aspiration.
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Honest, binding, loyal

  • Through our authenticity we shape an honest, collegial and upright atmosphere.
  • By keeping promises and fulfilling obligations, we create a trusting and positive working environment.
  • Every day, our loyalty and fairness become apparent in our actions and strengthen our company from within.
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Strategic, courageous, future oriented

  • The confidence that innovation is the driving force for vitality and growth is what makes our company future oriented.
  • We are open to new perspectives and face risks courageously in order to seize opportunities.
  • With innovative methods and strategic visions, we achieve valuable competitive advantages and develop individual solutions.

Would you like to learn more about SUXXEED and what we do?

Contact our sales expert:

Sales Consultant Christian Soller

Christian Soller

Sales Consultant

Mobile: +49 173 1922353
E-mail: christian.soller@suxxeed.de