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To fulfil the rising demands in B2B sales, you would need more time, strategic know-how and additional sales power. Expand your capacity with sales outsourcing not only to reach your sales targets but even to outperform them.

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Sales outsourcing – the turbo of your sales organisation

Each company loses approx. 5-15% of its customers each year, including large customers. To avoid sales setbacks, you can acquire new customers or expand your existing customers. But one thing is clear: Both approaches require a strategy promising success and sufficient sales power to implement them. And both can be a problem.



What is sales outsourcing?

Sales growth and new customer acquisition are usually in the focus in sales outsourcing.

Thus, it is not about cutting costs and streamlining sales areas. Instead, it is about adding sensibly and efficiently to your own distribution organisation with external sales staff for certain tasks.

The aim is not achieving the result at lower costs.

Rather, it is expanding distribution capacities in a targeted manner so that much more will come from it on the bottom line. And while it is hard to justify additional sales employees at the company, there is a good chance of increasing the sales or marketing budget when the return on investment is right.

When is sales outsourcing worthwhile?

You can hardly keep pace with the ever new market and customer requirements? You are asking yourself in what direction the customer is developing strategically, which effects this has on your business relationship and how you can react to it with your sales organisation?

Moreover, you as the decision-maker in sales are facing known, big challenges:

  • Your sales organisation is already orking at full capacity today.
  • You know that you would need a bigger sales staff but you do not get approval for it.
  • You do not have the right type of sales employee.
  • Your sales organisation has problems marketing new technologies and solutions.

info-i-suxxeed-blau You should ultimately concentrate on the tasks that you can get done easily within your sales organisation. And get yourself external support for the rest: This is how sales outsourcing works.

You can master these challenges with sales outsourcing:


You have many dedicated “problem solvers” – but no proactive customer developers

The sales office staff is a fixed part of the sales organisation in most companies. Mostly, employees work there, who know all processes and products of the company extremely well and who always help the customers with enthusiasm and great dedication – when the impulse comes from the customer. Meaning, the customer actively approaches them with a question or a problem.

This “traditional” internal sales organisation works but leaves a distribution gap: the continuous, proactive sales management of customers to recognise their potential and, e.g. leverage it with cross and upselling measures. This proactive inside sales organisation is a completely different type, practically an outside sales representative without a car.


Defocusing – your sales organisation does not even know what it grasp first

The order books are filled and demand for your services is high too. Congratulations!

In many cases, however, this also means that especially the outside sales force cannot keep its focus on the most valuable customers with the highest potential. Sales time, meaning the time the outside sales force dedicates to the active work on the customer, is lost and promising projects cannot be pursued with the needed persistence.


You have developed new solutions and would like to introduce them quickly on the market

Your new solutions offer growth opportunities, but a potentially existing competitive advantage often lasts only for a limited time. To this end, speed in the announcement of new solutions to your customers and target groups is essential. Otherwise, your competitors will catch up and the supposed lead will disappear.


You have customers that are not being attended to and their leaving to go to competitors is a possibility

Successful companies often have many thousands of B2B customers. These can usually be managed with the capacity of the company’s own sales team. However, only a part of these customers are being managed actively (so that the management can also be noticed by the customer and does not consist of contact once per year). When your competitors actively try to acquire these unmanaged customers, losing customers and therefore also losing income is unavoidable.

Sales outsourcing takes nothing away from your own sales team – to the contrary. The external service provider is rather the ‘extended arm’ of the company’s own sales department.
Christian Soller
Sales Consultant

Sales outsourcing with SUXXEED

Our SUXXEED service range is focused on sales growth and the acquisition of new customers.
Who decides for sales outsourcing wants to activate idle sales potential and spare internal sales resources.

What is our approach? – Our four project phases

Phase 1:
Quotation phase

We will analyse your initial situation together in several preliminary discussions. Based on the insights gained and the KPIs about customers, sales, average order volumes, etc. we will then prepare a business case with the developed objective and the matching sales service. We will calculate when our activity meets the break-even point or ROI.

This usually is the case after 6-12 months. We will also decide in our preliminary discussions whether to work with your CRM system or using the SUXXEED CRM system. Preferably, we will use your own CRM because this increases transparency for both sides and your trust in our service.

Phase 2: Implementation phase

We have agreed on a collaboration and we will conduct an implementation workshop in the next important step:

  • We will identify together what the essential processes and interfaces are, such as: IT connection (email, telephone, CRM), communication channels, your quotation process, order acceptance, the order process, process for questions of customers on orders and deliveries, process for recording and handling inbound calls, contracts, reporting, customer segmentation and customer qualification, familiarisation process or training for our employees.

Then we will transfer the contents of the workshop into an implementation manual that we will use as the basis for the further cooperation. Ideally within the following 4-8 weeks, we will set up the systems, recruit the needed employees, and can begin with the work at the fixed project start.

Phase 3: Start-up phase

The start-up phase covers the first 6-12 months. During this phase, our employees will be trained for our products and solutions, and be familiarised with the particularities of your CRM system. This phase also serves to verify the assumptions made and to readjust the project if new information suggests this.

If necessary, the customer assignment will be determined together with your outside sales force in an existing customer project during the start-up phase. Our sales work is primarily to qualify and group the assigned customers according to the defined potentials (e.g. small customers, regions, order volumes). We identify the customer’s buying centre and speak with the persons involved to find out possible challenges and “points of pain.”

The employees will familiarise with the processes of drafting quotations and handling your CRM. During the first months, we will measure our employees essentially by KPIs.

Initial success will occur during the start-up phase, such as identified project business or drafted quotations and possible the first successful sales.

If the project pertains to the acquisition of new customers, similar familiarisation scenarios apply. However, no customers are assigned now but potential addresses. They will be distributed in various clusters (industry, company size, etc.) to the employees with the aim of recognising which potential clusters achieve the best conversion rates.

Our sales employees work in 3 steps:

  1. Presentation of your company, and the product and solution offer
  2. Identifying the target customer’s buying centre
  3. Explaining the solutions and products to be marketed. Our employees here work according to the BANT criteria (Budget, Authority, Need and Time).

Phase 4: Operative phase

The operative phase is the phase of our collaboration that commonly extends over several years. All processes are working, the indicators of hard work and the defined target corridor is reached +/-10%. Our employees know the processes and contacts at the customer and have familiarised with their customer base. Our sales director is their “single point of contact” and guides their actions or introduces new things to the team.

We work in sales under our own responsibility for the customer segment or new customer segment assigned to us and we are paid on a performance basis.

Expert consultation free of charge

Are you facing exactly these challenges?

Our sales experts will of course be happy without obligation to demonstrate ways to reach solutions and potentials

Areas of work for sales outsourcing with SUXXEED

Acquiring new customers

Developing existing customers

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