SUXXEED – Customized sales solutions from one of the leading sales and marketing service providers in Germany. Including sales and marketing training.


1.1 Million

sales talks per year


Our sales employees conduct around 1.1 million sales talks each year. Ongoing training boosts the quality – in a measurable way!

Jana Meyer

"Anyone who stops wanting to be better, stops being good altogether"


Our training field for excellence in sales.

As a sales service provider, we have relied on sound, continuing training for our sales employees at our SUXXEED SalesAcademy from the time SUXXEED GmbH was founded.

Since there is no standard education for sales, the SalesAcademy has developed the unique SUXXEED SalesExcellence program, which lasts several months. We train every employee to become sales professionals, regardless of whether they are lateral entrants or specialists.

We also measure our results – with our SUXXESSORating tool. This not only benefits our own sales employees, but our clients as well.

For 10 years now, our experienced sales trainers at the SUXXEED SalesAcademy have been training internal and external sales employees in dynamic inside and outside sales activities. Each day the trainers experience the everyday work lives of their sales colleagues at the company and work together to see how training can get a bit better each day. But don’t just take our word for it – come and see for yourself by sitting in on a training course as a guest. 

1.1 Million

sales talks per year


Our sales employees conduct around 1.1 million sales talks each year. Ongoing training boosts the quality – in a measurable way!

Marco Sgualdino

“Success isn’t something that simply happens – success is learned, success is trained”


Training to become a sales professional: Are you familiar with our success concept?

Sales employees are pitted against excellently trained buyers. Although sound training in sales plays a decisive role for conducting negotiations on an equal footing, there is no standard course of education for sales employees. We close this gap.

Our SUXXEED SalesExcellence program makes it possible to have a professional career in sales that is structured into competency levels. At the same time, the program also meets all the requirements the market places on modern sales. Participants go through a unique training program that lasts several months. The program is modularly structured and starts exactly at the level your employees are at: lateral entrants, entry-level employees, and professionals.

  • The sales meeting, sales communication
  • Systems in sales
  • Strategic thinking and actions in sales


of 300 employees


Sales Excellence: 205 employees have already successfully completed a training level in SalesExcellence.

Jana Meyer

“Personal development comes ahead of performance development”


“SUXXESSORating” for measurable results in sales

In our training courses, we place special emphasis on employees in dynamic inside sales. By providing sales support to small customers on the phone, our clients achieve a strategic market advantage over their competitors.

We have made it possible to measure the effectiveness of our intense training programs. After completing the program, all seminar participants go through the SUXXESSORating, which is a method we developed to measure the quality of inside sales talks, thus making it something that can be trained.

Several months of training on “Sales Excellence”

In our SUXXEED SalesExcellence program, which lasts several months, we provide sales employees with practical training in short workshop units to strengthen their personal skills. We also teach them team-building and work-structuring techniques as well as problem-solving methods. The rhythm and repetition of the units help the learned content to become anchored in everyday working practice, which translates to “Sales Excellence”.

We would be glad to train your employees, lateral entrants, specialists, and managers in the field of sales.


are better than a grade of “C”


Our training courses are evaluated internally and externally, and in 92% of evaluations we scored a grade of “B” or higher.

Marco Sgualdino

“During training we work together to develop the best tactics for everyday challenges”


Sales isn’t a myth – Sales can be learned

As we see each day in our seminars, every sales organization is different. This is why we would be glad to develop a customized seminar concept for your company. Each of our training courses can also be booked for individual participants.

  • SUXXEED SalesExcellence program
    or training as a sales and marketing expert. From basic training to the Gold Level.

  • The sales talk 
    Basic training for inside sales staff. We reflect upon and provide training on all phases of a sales talk. The training is practical thanks to numerous exercises such as role playing, audiovisual training, and telephone training.

  • Leadership Academy by SUXXEED
    "Fit for leadership” for junior managers

  • Account management with SoS – School on Sales
    for account managers

  • SUXXESSORating
    Evaluate sales talks. Training for coaches and managers

  • Side-by-side sales and marketing coaching
    in inside sales

  • Mental attitude
    for successful sales: learn from top athletes


years of sales exp


Each of our trainers has an average of 14 years of sales experience, meaning that each trainer has actively sold products and services. After all, only those who have been in sales know what is needed for good training in sales.

Jana Meyer

"Learning is like rowing against the tide – once you stop, you drift back"