SUXXEED – More revenue thanks to professional sales and marketing support. From new customer acquisition to after-sales support.

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In 2017 SUXXEED has generated 278 million euros in turnover per year in its existing alliances. The market leaders in the respective industries entrust us with their small B2B customers.

Jörg Brehm

Sales Director

Sales solutions withSUXXEED

Arrive at your goal faster
in B2B sales

Welcome to SUXXEED, one of the leading sales service providers in Germany.

We develop a competent solution to implement your sales strategy no matter what the challenge. Based on our many years of industry experience, we are optimally positioned to support our clients. As progressive thinkers with expertise and methodological knowledge, we create measurable added value and set standards for the long term. We have a clear objective: We want to make our clients even more successful – SUXXEED Sales for your Success!

Familiarize yourself with our services

  • Management of Small Accounts
  • New customer acquisition
  • Maintaining and developing your key accounts
  • Developing and expanding sales and partner networks
  • Lead Management
  • Cross-selling and up-selling
  • Launching new products and services
  • Sales-oriented customer care center
  • Taking over sales regions
  • Customer recovery
  • Entering new markets in Germany and abroad
  • After-sales support
  • Staff selection and development

Julia Liebert



of the top 100 companies


in Germany – AEG, Avaya, Cisco, Groupon, SAS, Siemens, Vaillant, Vodafone, and more – have been our clients for many years.


Working together to achieve
excellence in sales

For over ten years we have been strong partners for our clients in long-term sales alliances. Industry knowledge, process competence, and sales expertise set us apart. This experience is reflected in our broad range of operational and strategic topics.

Take advantage of our comprehensive sales expertise

  • Inside sales and field sales representatives
  • Partner training courses
  • Outsource sales processes, either partially or completely
  • Further development of the sales strategy
  • Analysis and optimization of the sales processes
  • Planning of sales goals and concepts
  • Sales consulting
  • Sales training and coaching workshops

Markus Gettler




We have generated 51 million euro in turnover from new customers for our customers each year. In many sales alliances we are the driver behind new customer acquisition.

How youbenefit

We leave nothing unsold.
Day after day!

We work together with our clients to develop customized, creative sales concepts. The goal is to claim a sovereign position in highly competitive, quickly changing markets and to take advantage of opportunities sooner. With support from our experienced sales experts, our customers are always able to be a step ahead.

Benefit from
decisive advantages

  • An expanded sales force
  • Flexibly adaptable sales resources
  • No additional internal capacities needed
  • Faster and more focused than in-house solutions
  • High-quality sales staff thanks to ongoing continuing education
  • Daily reporting and controlling
  • Success-based compensation: We gladly take responsibility for turnover
  • Transparent, calculable costs

Petra Klaus

Inside Sales Account Manager




High-quality capital goods aren’t sold over the phone, which is why we generate leads based on BANT criteria and field sales representatives close deals with customers.